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A Digital Creative Agency envisioning the Web in 3D

We specialize in UX/UI Design, Websites and Real-time 3D.

We equip brands for the future with tools that put users and experiences first

Immersive Studios is a strategic partner for web appearance, real-time experiences and UX/UI Design. We help companies create highly engaging solutions that leave long-lasting impressions.

We offer end-to-end solutions to build large-scale digital products

Design is the foundation of every great website and app. We help brands identify consumer needs and take an innovative approach to create premium interfaces that are easy to use and people enjoy spending time with.
Websites are the foundation of presenting brands and products in a meaningful way online. We help make this communication more engaging and lasting by building accessible web design, rich narratives, and consumer-focused content.
Creative development is key to making websites and web apps more interactive and immersive. We blur the lines between design and code, using technologies like ThreeJS and R3F to bring advanced shaders, animations and 3D environments to the web.
Immersive experiences are the future of brand engagement, retention, and consumer centricity. We envision them as visual scrollytelling, interactive apps, live events, configurators, and game-like experiences, taking place on the web.
3D is the modern way to make products and brand more exciting. We design entire 3D scenes, elements and animations in different styles. Then we bring them to the web and let 3D work its magic, creating mind-blowing interactivity right at your fingertips.
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Project Cars: A Real-Time Car Configuration Experience
Real-time configurator
View project
Project Haunted House: A Scrollytelling Experience
3D Scrollytelling Website
View project
Windland - Immersive city experience
Immersive city visualization
View project
Triumphpark residents - 3D experience
3D experience
View project
Immersive Concert Hall - VR seat booking
Immersive experience
View project
Jewlery 3D Configurator
Real-time configurator
View project
OLA Research Lab - Visual exploration
3D web experience

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What process does your Creative Studio follow?

Working with us is pretty straightforward. Here is the process you can expect from our Studio:
1. Initial Consultation:
We start by scheduling an initial consultation to understand specific requirements and needs. This allows us to gain insights into your brand, target audience, and understand issues and needs.
2. Planning and Proposal:
Based on the information, our team will create a project plan and proposal. This will outline the scope of work, timeline, and cost estimates for the project.
3. UX/UI Design and 3D:
After approval, we begin with UX/UI design and 3D, working closely with you to seek feedback and to ensure that the final product aligns with our expectations.
4. Creative Development:
We move the content into development Phase and put the individual parts together to create a fully functional experience on the web. We develop the functionality and animations behind a experience.
5. Testing and Launch:
Before the final launch, we conduct testing to make the website function without problems across different devices and browsers. We address any issues or bugs identified during the testing phase, to ensure that the experience is smooth.
6. Ongoing Support:
After the launch, we offer support and maintenance services to keep your 3D website up-to-date, secure, and optimized.

Can you build a 3D website for my marketing campaign?

Yes, this is one of our core tasks. 3D websites are a great to attract the attention of an audience and make them want to spend time exploring your brand and products.
We can help you develop a viable strategy that focuses on user engagement while keeping campaign goals in mind to create an impactful 3D experience that adds value to your business. Our team can help you build a complete experience from the ground up, handling parts such as strategy, user-journey, concept and 3D design, UX/UI, and creative development.

Can you redesign my enterprise website?

Yes, definitely. Website design and development is our main job, whether it's 3D or not.
We can create modern and user-friendly web design that fits your brand and allows people to consume information without getting bored. Our work covers everything from strategy, moodboarding, wireframing, design, text and graphics creation, prototyping to frontend development using Webflow.

Can I hire you to make individual assets?

Absolutely, yes. We can help you develop individual assets like shaders, effects, or 3D elements, and take on specific tasks like baking and optimizing the performance of a 3D scene.
We can also align our workflow with yours to complete regular tasks in time and help you increase your efficiency.

How much do your services cost?

Let's talk money. We charge our work with an hourly rate of 200€. Our projects usually start at 10k€, go up to 100k€ and have an average duration of 8 weeks and a budget of 25k€.
What a project ends up costing depends on its individual scope and requirements and whether it is a complete solution or only a part of it.
Based on our hourly rate we offer 3 pricing models:
• Project based
• Pay per day
• Hourly flat rate
Each model has different advantages in terms of cost, flexibility, safety and speed of collaboration. We have made an article describing the 3 models in a detailed and transparent way to let you find out which is the best model for you.
If you have further questions about our pricing, please send them to